Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

​one to one:

  • Community Mobility Training​
  • ​Leisure Skills Education and Adaptation
  • Community Resource Support

Staff Training and Development Workshops: 

  • Focusing on the ABI/TBI Survivor in Day Programing
  • Creating a Rich Sensory Integration Program for those with Developmental Disabilities and Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Developing "Coaches" out of "Caregivers"

Program Overviews

​​​​Sensory Integration Classes: 

    Utilizing all sensory systems: Visual, Tactile, auditory, proprioceptive and vestibular.

    An opportunity to engage all senses through the art and movement process.

  • SI Music and Movement 
  • SI Expressive Art 

Presentations and Consulting Opportunities

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Behavioral Day Programs
  • Adult Day Health Programs
  • Residential Group Homes

Our Services

Supports for individuals with Developmental Disabilities

​one to one:

  • Independence Strategies Development 
  • ​Leisure Education and Adaptation
  • Community Resource Support